Saturday, 13 October 2012

Eat: Midweek Supper

Back to the blog with some food. Typical! Cooking is up there as one of my favourite forms of procrastination and as far as I'm concerned, it's win win because as procrastination goes, I've still got to eat. Even better if it's rather delicious. And delays essay writing for another 10minutes...

This was a recipe from Jamie Oliver's 30minute meals that I tweaked a bit. I find the recipes a bit confusing as they jumble up the steps for the all components. I understand why - to talk you through making the meal in 30 minutes - but it makes it a bit tricky when you don't want to cook the whole caboodle. This rice and sticky prawns dish took under 15minutes to knock together and was delicious.

Firstly, stick a mug of basmati rice on to cook on a medium-ish temp. Cover with 2 cups (the same cup!) of water and a pinch of salt, put the lid on the pan and leave to simmer away. I made FAR too much for 2 people so remember to use a smaller mug depending on how many you are cooking for.

Meanwhile mix together a glug of sesame oil, olive oil and chinese five spice. Stir through the prawns til they're all nicely coated and leave them to marinade for a few minutes {I used pre cooked king prawns though Jamie suggested scallops in the original recipe. It would certainly make for a delicious dinner though you'd have to adjust cooking times accordingly}.

In a separate bowl. whisk together 3 eggs, a tablespoon of sesame oil, a tablespoon of soy sauce, some salt, pepper and finely spiced spring onions. Take the lid off the pan of rice, fluff it up with a fork then pour the egg mixture on top. Turn the temperature down loooooow, replace the lid and leave it to cook for another 5 minutes.

Chuck the prawns into a preheated pan {the timing of this will obviously depend on whether you're using fresh or precooked prawns, or scallops}, add in a tablespoon of honey and some chilli sauce {I used chilli jam that I had made - not too sweet but just enough of a kick!}. If you use prawns, the sauce might get a liquidy so just drain some off as you go until it starts to get a bit stickier.

Take the lid off the rice and add a good dose of sweet chilli sauce over the top. I served this with broccoli that I had boiled (pre-boiling the water in the kettle meant the veg could be done right at the last minute) then tossed in some soy sauce. It was an incredibly easy and delicious midweek dinner.

I'm feeling a bit uninspired at the mo {plus the weather is properly autumnal at the moment so all I really want to eat is carbs, carbs, carbs, preferably in the form of mashed potato} so I definitely think I'll be trying out more of these recipes!

Any suggestions?

Love B x

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