Saturday, 26 March 2011


images via {hitherandthither}
Aren't these images of Trinity College Library simply breath taking? So beautiful. Definitely on my list of places to visit.


Friday, 25 March 2011

A pantry to die for

I want this pantry in my own home.  It's that simple.  I love the kilner jars, the extensive and immaculately labelled jars of spices and the wicker catch-all storage baskets.  Ooph - and the glass pendant lights! Seriously - I want it all.

image via {designdarling}


Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Kitchen

Isn't this kitchen simply lovely? Like I've said before, the kitchen is very much the heart of the home as far as I am concerned.  Eat in kitchens provide the perfect balance because as much as I love cooking, I don't want to feel like I'm missing out on my own get together! Win win.

I particularly love the mix between the industrial cabinetry and stools and the rustic table, chairs and side board {doubling as a bar I think?}.  And I truly, truly love the bench.  I will be using that little idea without  a shadow of a doubt.



Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Ore-o my god

Happy Tuesday!

These things are tasty enough to merit another bad pun for a title. I promise.

I'm off out for dinner with girlfriends tonight and everyone is contributing a little something to the meal.  Normally I'd knock up a bunch of cupcakes but I thought I'd try something I little bit different.  I've seen this recipe around {pop it in google - you'll get a whole load of hits} so thought I would give it a go.  I first saw this recipe on bakerella but like I said, goodness knows where the origins of the recipe come from.  They're seriously easy and delicious and I would thoroughly reccomend taking a shot at them.

It really is simple: you can't go wrong with 3 ingredients! Plus, they can look pretty impressive if you want to make an impact but are perhaps a little bit less Nigella than you'd really fancy.  And did I mention they taste uh-mazing {do I really need to state the obvious there? They're made of oreos, cream cheese and chocolate for gawd's sake!}. I used a packet and a half of double stuffed oreos and a few spoonfuls of cream cheese.  Very accurate eh? Then dipped them in melted milk chocolate that I had lying around in the cupboard. 

Anyway, have a gander at the finished product.  I had planned on making them in advance though this week kind of crept up on me.  I'm rather pleased that I only made them last night - I don't think they would've made it to Tuesday otherwise!


Thursday, 17 March 2011

Much ado about muffins

I had an urge to bake today.  A craving.  It's not always about eating or physically craving the finished product - though that tends to happen too, I can't lie.  Instead it's about the actual process of baking. I'm not going to go all prattish and blabber on about creating something but I do find it really therapeutic to focus on the process.  And heck, it's fun too.

I roughly followed a recipe I stumbled across online but I had only about half the amount of blueberries it recommended.  They're still tasty despite all this but next time I'd probably follow through and buy more ingredients instead of needing to act on my baking cravings there and then {patience is a virtue and all...}.  I also wouldn't be afraid of adding a smidge more sugar: a couple of mine were a bit sharp though that could have just been a tart blueberry! Anyways, the original recipe is here but in case you don't want to click away:

280g self raising flour
70g sugar
Pinch of salt
2 eggs
175ml milk
4tbsps melted butter
2tsp baking powder
300g blueberries {I had about half of this amount at best!}

Before you start, rinse off your blueberries and lightly flour them before leaving them to one side to dry.  Also, preheat your oven to 210C/gas mark 7. Sieve together all the dry ingredients. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs and mix with the other liquid ingredients.  Mix in the liquid ingredients to the dry, being careful not to over stir {you don't want tough muffins!}. I think I mixed the ingredients maybe 15 times max.  Dust off any excess flour from the blueberries and stir into the other ingredients.  Again, fold in the blueberries carefully to avoid over mixing the ingredients. Fill muffin cases 3/4 full with mixture {I sprinkled a bit of sugar on top too - brown sugar is probably best} and bake until golden brown {about 15-20minutes}. Allow to cool/eat because you're too impatient to wait.



Wednesday, 16 March 2011

To do...

I often feel like my days are marked with an endless amount of to do lists - essays, housework, job applications...Not that I'm complaining. I definitely prefer being busy.  Plus, to do lists give me a chance to indulge in stationery.  Remember that back to school feeling of buying a new stash of goodies before term started? Well it seems it never quite wore off me! These letter press sheets seem to be the perfect way to indulge in that rush.  Plus, they're practical, right?

image via {papermash}

Saying that, I could probably find 'practical' reasons to justify buying many of the products on their site.  Including these beauties:

images via {papermash}


Monday, 14 March 2011


Remember I said I was going to attempt the rose cake tutorial in  my earlier post? Well here's a peak at the results! It wasn't perfect but I did like the finished effect {and maybe I'm giving myself a hard time - everyone else thought it looked like roses} and I can attest to the fact that it tasted delish.  I didn't follow the cake recipe on the iambaker website using instead a simple 8:8:8:4 ratio of SR flour, caster sugar, butter and eggs with a pinch of baking powder, sticking it all at once in the mixer {best. gift. ever.}.  Simples. Layered with whipped cream and raspberry jam my thighs will attest to the fact I had a slice after dinner and then another slice with a cup of tea the next day. 

So worth it.



I love the bright pops of colour in this picture.  Whilst I couldn't live in an all white house myself but I think it provides the perfect backdrop for the rich woods, delicate golds and vibrant turquoise that you see in the bookshelf.  The flashes of yellow and pink from the fresh flowers {so simple and effective} set everything off perfectly and draw your eye to the centre of the table.  The owl adds a lovely finishing touch but I'm not going to dwell on that too much because I think mentioning owls in 3 posts already seems a bit O.T.T! There are so many eye catching features {the animal print storage box, the coral on the bookshelf, the detailed legs on the chair...} but they all work together to make a really eye catching space rather than competing against one another and making your head hurt!


Saturday, 12 March 2011

image via {le love}

True dat.
The kitchen is definitely one of my favourite spaces: I love cooking {and eating!} and I love having friends round to eat.  Give me good food and a good glass of wine and I am in my element. Kitchen/dining combos are perfect in my opinion: the kitchen is most certainly at the heart of our home and I love being able to socialise at the same time as I cook.

I must have hundreds of photographs in my inspiration folder that have aspects of my ideal kitchen but being reluctant to use photographs that I can't attribute to a source, I'll just use these few for the time being. I definitely have a style that I lean towards with my dream kitchen: if I only I could convince our landlord to feel the same!

Two definite kitchen requirements? Personal touches...

image via {emilyhenderson}

 ...and open shelves...

image via {emilyhenderson}

I'm in heaven.


*though I don't know why I've tried to sum up my ideal kitchen in one post.  That was naive! There are a multitude of other features that I want to post pictures of - killer lighting, fresh flowers, butcher blocks, cakes... So much so that I had to draw the line somewhere and stop editing this post.  Safe to say there will be PLENTY more kitchen posts...

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Spring cleaning

image via {zara}

Maybe it was the crocuses finally appearing above ground and the significantly brighter and milder days but the Edinburgh weather decided it was time to shock us out of our false sense of spring like security.  Consequently we woke up to snow this morning. In March.  Go figure. 

All it has done is remind me how ready I am to shed off the necessary layers of protective, warm and dare I say practical clothing that I’ve relied on heavily since way back in November.  I must admit, try as I might to remain sartorially on track, when it’s -10 degrees outside sometimes it is just too tempting to throw on whatever is warmest and comfiest and will get you to and from lectures without losing your extremities.

I’ll also finally graduate in July and after 4 years of studying I think it’s time for a wardrobe re-think as I finally delve into needing a working wardrobe.  Never having been one for the black skirt suit and white shirt combo I find myself sorely tempted by Zara's spin on professional yet stylish clothing and there are more than a few pieces I would be more than happy to take as a basis of my fantasy working wardrobe.  True to form however, I'm also head over heels for the rest of the collection and given half a chance, I would gladly top up my current wardrobe with any of the following pieces:

All images via {zara}

As is suddenly apparent when I finally place my inspiration side by side, I am often drawn to a similar silhouette of loose fitting top and a fitted bottom. But who can argue when those silhouettes consist of classic breton stripes, bright colour blocks, cream chiffon or Audrey Hepburn-esque cropped black trousers?

I think now is definately the perfect time to start sifting through my current stash of clothing, donating or discarding those pieces which no longer get used and begin to be inspired by the bits of spring NOT covered by a fine dusting of snow.


A little bit lovely

I've only recently discovered Folksy and as a British alternative to Etsy, I really rather like it.  The jewellery  in particular has some gems {in amongst some quirkier pieces, that's for sure!}.  There are a lot of pieces that remind me of Nicole Richie's House of Harlow line only on a budget much more akin to my own.

There are some beautiful vintage inspired pieces that would make for eye-catching additions to any jewellery collection. I personally like big rings, large earrings and long necklaces {not all at once!} in order to add interest to simpler outfits or to dress up more casual day or night pieces.

Images via {asos} and {folksy}
I love these rings that stretch out to cover more than one finger and the details on this fan ring are lovely.

Images via {asos} and {folksy}

I love how the setting on the ring mirrors this House of Harlow necklace.


Images via {folksy}, {folksy} and yup, {folksy}

These last three don't necessarily translate to specific items within the House of Harlow range but I certainly think the coloured enamel and shape of the first ring perfectly reflects the 60's/70's aesthetic of the range.  Equally, I love the striking colour of the verdigris locket and the detailing.  And the art deco ring? Be still my beating heart.  It's just a little bit lovely.


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Because I really do love cakes..

Genuinely.  Love 'em.  So much so that my younger sister and I have long dreamt of opening our own cake shop.  We've dabbled  in the odd birthday and summer fair and whilst I'm rather proud of our final products {strawberry cheesecake cupcakes anyone?} I'm constantly in awe of some of the baking and cookery blogs I come across.

I've taken it upon myself to decorate a cake for an upcoming family birthday and I have decided to act on this inspiration {and stop just oo-ing and aah-ing at my laptop screen} and attempt this gorgeous rose cake from iambaker. Hopefully it will turn out somewhat similar and I won't have over-estimated my skills with a piping bag.

Image courtesy of {iambaker}

Beautiful yes? I'm thinking a few sparklers on top and it'll be perfect for the occasion.


Twit Twoo

Image courtesy of {abodent}

Moving in with my boyfriend last summer, whilst awesome, meant trying to merge our very different design tastes.  My boyfriend would live in Winston Churchill’s study given half a chance – all mahogany wood and leather wing back chairs.  My tastes, on the other hand, are a little bit more eclectic.  I’d struggle to pin it down to one term (though I’m sure there is some design terminology out there that covers it!) but I’d like to think it’s a little bit chic, a bit modern, a bit eclectic, a bit vintage, a bit cozy…all (ideally) set amongst a palette of pale greens, greys and the odd splash of navy or teal. Like I said, a little bit all over the shop.  I certainly come across plenty of blogs and photographs that seem to share this aesthetic though, so perhaps I’m not alone?

Our design styles aren’t incompatible (phew!) and coupled with the fact we currently live in a rented flat, I try to hunt out bits and pieces that we’ll be able to take with us rather than attempting any grand design overhauls. Stumbling across these babies, I instantly thought they fitted the bill and drew perfectly on both our design tastes: The idea of the ‘wise’ owls and their classic appearance are perfect for my boyfriend’s aesthetic* and they definitely tick my quirky and eclectic boxes.  Infact, they'd look right at home on the desk in our living room.



* that isn’t to say he knows this: his initial response was still “Owls?! Really?!”

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