Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Because I really do love cakes..

Genuinely.  Love 'em.  So much so that my younger sister and I have long dreamt of opening our own cake shop.  We've dabbled  in the odd birthday and summer fair and whilst I'm rather proud of our final products {strawberry cheesecake cupcakes anyone?} I'm constantly in awe of some of the baking and cookery blogs I come across.

I've taken it upon myself to decorate a cake for an upcoming family birthday and I have decided to act on this inspiration {and stop just oo-ing and aah-ing at my laptop screen} and attempt this gorgeous rose cake from iambaker. Hopefully it will turn out somewhat similar and I won't have over-estimated my skills with a piping bag.

Image courtesy of {iambaker}

Beautiful yes? I'm thinking a few sparklers on top and it'll be perfect for the occasion.


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