Saturday, 12 March 2011

The kitchen is definitely one of my favourite spaces: I love cooking {and eating!} and I love having friends round to eat.  Give me good food and a good glass of wine and I am in my element. Kitchen/dining combos are perfect in my opinion: the kitchen is most certainly at the heart of our home and I love being able to socialise at the same time as I cook.

I must have hundreds of photographs in my inspiration folder that have aspects of my ideal kitchen but being reluctant to use photographs that I can't attribute to a source, I'll just use these few for the time being. I definitely have a style that I lean towards with my dream kitchen: if I only I could convince our landlord to feel the same!

Two definite kitchen requirements? Personal touches...

image via {emilyhenderson}

 ...and open shelves...

image via {emilyhenderson}

I'm in heaven.


*though I don't know why I've tried to sum up my ideal kitchen in one post.  That was naive! There are a multitude of other features that I want to post pictures of - killer lighting, fresh flowers, butcher blocks, cakes... So much so that I had to draw the line somewhere and stop editing this post.  Safe to say there will be PLENTY more kitchen posts...

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