Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Twit Twoo

Image courtesy of {abodent}

Moving in with my boyfriend last summer, whilst awesome, meant trying to merge our very different design tastes.  My boyfriend would live in Winston Churchill’s study given half a chance – all mahogany wood and leather wing back chairs.  My tastes, on the other hand, are a little bit more eclectic.  I’d struggle to pin it down to one term (though I’m sure there is some design terminology out there that covers it!) but I’d like to think it’s a little bit chic, a bit modern, a bit eclectic, a bit vintage, a bit cozy…all (ideally) set amongst a palette of pale greens, greys and the odd splash of navy or teal. Like I said, a little bit all over the shop.  I certainly come across plenty of blogs and photographs that seem to share this aesthetic though, so perhaps I’m not alone?

Our design styles aren’t incompatible (phew!) and coupled with the fact we currently live in a rented flat, I try to hunt out bits and pieces that we’ll be able to take with us rather than attempting any grand design overhauls. Stumbling across these babies, I instantly thought they fitted the bill and drew perfectly on both our design tastes: The idea of the ‘wise’ owls and their classic appearance are perfect for my boyfriend’s aesthetic* and they definitely tick my quirky and eclectic boxes.  Infact, they'd look right at home on the desk in our living room.



* that isn’t to say he knows this: his initial response was still “Owls?! Really?!”

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  1. Thanks very much for featuring our Bookends and good luck with your blog.


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