Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Spring cleaning

image via {zara}

Maybe it was the crocuses finally appearing above ground and the significantly brighter and milder days but the Edinburgh weather decided it was time to shock us out of our false sense of spring like security.  Consequently we woke up to snow this morning. In March.  Go figure. 

All it has done is remind me how ready I am to shed off the necessary layers of protective, warm and dare I say practical clothing that I’ve relied on heavily since way back in November.  I must admit, try as I might to remain sartorially on track, when it’s -10 degrees outside sometimes it is just too tempting to throw on whatever is warmest and comfiest and will get you to and from lectures without losing your extremities.

I’ll also finally graduate in July and after 4 years of studying I think it’s time for a wardrobe re-think as I finally delve into needing a working wardrobe.  Never having been one for the black skirt suit and white shirt combo I find myself sorely tempted by Zara's spin on professional yet stylish clothing and there are more than a few pieces I would be more than happy to take as a basis of my fantasy working wardrobe.  True to form however, I'm also head over heels for the rest of the collection and given half a chance, I would gladly top up my current wardrobe with any of the following pieces:

All images via {zara}

As is suddenly apparent when I finally place my inspiration side by side, I am often drawn to a similar silhouette of loose fitting top and a fitted bottom. But who can argue when those silhouettes consist of classic breton stripes, bright colour blocks, cream chiffon or Audrey Hepburn-esque cropped black trousers?

I think now is definately the perfect time to start sifting through my current stash of clothing, donating or discarding those pieces which no longer get used and begin to be inspired by the bits of spring NOT covered by a fine dusting of snow.


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