Monday, 15 September 2014

Life lessons as learnt through spiralizing

I'm back. It's been a while. Let's not talk about it?

Now, life lessons. Stick with me on this one...

1) What the heck is a spiralizer?! And what is courgetti?

Granted not the most earth shattering of life lessons but this little gadget - less than a tenner from Amazon - has opened my eyes to a whole host of possibilities for dinner! It's courgetti, my friends, and I couldn't believe I like it as much as I do.

2) Exercise is important if you really like chocolate after dinner.

If you buy this little hand held guy, rather than his bigger, bruiser cousins - then your arm gets a damn good work out at the same time therefore earning that chocolate you plan on eating for pudding {and the courgette is surely better than pasta on the ol' diet front!}.

3) Don't let your eyes be bigger than your belly.

The bigger the courgette, the better. Right? WRONG. Bigger is not necessarily better - especially when it doesn't fit in your spiralizer. What I did learn is straighter is better. {So many potential innuendoes in this post that I have just had to maturely walk away's killing me}

4) Sometimes things don't work out as you planned.


will disappear into a tiny portion {which I forgot to photograph!}. Over plan, buy more than you think you'll need {6 courgettes or so for about 2 people's worth of noodles!}. Failing to plan, is planning to fail and all that.

5) Be open to possibilities

"Can't be a decent substitute for a bowl of pasta" I thought. I was wrong. It absolutely does the job of that comforting bowl of pasta. And not just pasta -

6) Looks aren't everything

Sometimes, these noodles aren't going to look too good but I promise, they're still going to taste good on the inside {I'm eating them for the 3rd time this week, in various guises}. To that end, I don't yet have any photographs of them in food. That's for another time.

7) Be on time

Nobody likes being kept waiting all the time. It's especially true of courgettes. Leave 'em to cook too long and they're going to go mushy. You've been warned.

It's good to be back!

Love B x

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