Sunday, 12 October 2014

Stockbridge Market

This weekend has been back to back glorious Autumn days that have reminded me why Autumn is maybe my favourite season. Enough chill in the air to pull on thick jumper but crisp and dry so need to brace yourself for the weather! The clear blue skies were just too tempting and it seemed the perfect day to visit the lovely Stockbridge market on the other side of town. 

This little farmer's market is lovely and on down in Stockbridge every week. It's a bustling mix of hot food stands, vintage nicknacks, coffees, cheeses, get the idea! It's one of my favourite ways to spend an hour or so on a Sunday.

This week they were participating in the Edinburgh Restaurant Festival too which meant we had plenty of options to choose from for lunch! 3 courses for £8 was just too tempting and we tucked in with gusto!

We both started off by with a mix of delicious pork and vegetarian dumplings from Harajuka kitchen - a restaurant just up the road in Bruntsfield. Finished off with coriander, chilli sauce and garlicky soy sauce, they were delicious. Absolutely worth a visit I think!

Scouring through the menu, our next choice had to be a pie from The Wee Pie shop. We've bought plenty of pies from them before though never tucked into one warm, straight from a paper bag. We're sat on the edge of the street at this point - doesn't get better than that!

We wandered back through the back streets of Stockbridge. You can't complain when parts of the city centre look like this. Edinburgh really is the most incredible city to live in or visit.

Back to the food, we had had enough of the great outdoors {and that Autumn chill!} so took our puddings to go. Apricot and custard tart washed down with a cheeky hot chocolate underneath a blanket on the sofa. Such a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The Edinburgh Restaurant Festival is running from the 9th - 23rd with 60 odd restaurants in the city centre participating with food and drink offers, including Restaurant Mark Greenaway. I'm hoping we have a chance to take advantage of the festival at least a couple of times before it finishes up!

Happy, happy Sunday!

Love B x

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