Sunday, 3 April 2011

Hidying vs Tidying

This week has been somewhat out of the ordinary.  Both the boy and I ended up having operations and as such we've battened down the hatches and felt a little bit sorry for ourselves this week.  Hence the radio silence.  But now I'm currently sat staring out the window surrounded by a pile of sunday supplements and food magazines, cuddling a rather large mug of tea.  Bliss. Plus, I feel inspired to write something!

My lovely lovely sister offered to come up for an evening this week and be nice to me {the operation probably wasn't a big enough deal to merit this but it was a much appreciated gesture none the less} and having slept off the anaesthetic and dragged myself out of my bed, I was met with a sparkly clean kitchen. And it was lush. Sounds daft doesn't it, but I'm pretty sure she subscribes to the same logic I do: namely that if you are feeling less that pulled together/well/hungover/agitated {the list goes on} restoring order to something, however superficial, goes a long way towards making you feel a bit better. The boy can't quite understand why boiling dishclothes makes me feel better when I have wine-flu {tends to make an appearance on a Saturday morning...} but it does. Fact.  I'm sure I read once that even pretending to restore order has the same effect; like when you put all the dishes in the sink but don't actually wash them up straight away, it's ok because it's still tidier than just leaving them on the side. Right?  That's my logic, anyway and I'm sticking with it.  

With that in mind it {and my rather rambling pre-amble out of the way} it shouldn't surprise you that my approach to cleaning/storage very much takes that approach.  Whilst it's second nature to keep everything clean, I must admit I struggle with clutter and keeping things tidy. In the name of trying to maintain some semblence of order, I often find myself just trying to clear the clutter from eyesight: so much so that my boyfriend often refers to my approach as 'hidying' rather than tidying. I probably ought to be stricter with myself or get rid of some stuff but it's hard when blogs pretty much tell me my approach is ok by giving me ample examples of storage that are perfect for hidying...

image via {apartmentthearpy} via {livingetc}

Anyway.  Enough cleaning chat. More chat on cakes and clothes.  That'll be next weeks focus I think...


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