Monday, 4 March 2013

Make: Gifting...

I think this will become a pretty staple gift in our home so apologies in advance to any of you who read this and then receive one yourself!

It was a friend's birthday the other day and not wanting to go round empty handed I popped into Anthropologie in town. I could spend a small fortune in that shop but I exercised restraint {ahem} and came away with just one of their monogrammed mugs {well and some other bits and pieces but they're all gifts too. Honest!}

I love these - we own 2 ourselves - and I think they make a lovely gift for someone. Still, I was feeling like it was a bit meh so when I saw this gorgeous bunch of yellow roses in M&S I grabbed a bunch to bring home with me.

I recently read a post on A Cup of Jo about making supermarket flowers look extra special so I set about using some of the tips I'd read to encourage the flowers to open up and look slightly more full of life. Cutting the stems under water is apparently a trick, putting them in hot water and gently opening up the petals and blowing on them helped too.

I trimmed the stems right down so the flowers were just above the edge of the mug and removed the leaves, though these weren't visible anyway. After that I simply fastened them all together with an elastic band and moved the 7 individual stems about until they filled out the whole of the top of the mug {so you couldn't see the stems, if that makes sense?}

Another tip I'd picked up, was wrapping the cut ends of the roses in wet paper towel and wrapping cling film around this to help the flowers survive the gift giving process.

The end result?

A beautiful gift because lets be honest, what girl does not like flowers? And who doesn't need their own monogrammed mug for a cuppa after some exhuberant birthday celebrations? 

What do you think?

Love B x

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