Monday, 25 March 2013

Make: Procrastination Organisation

Right now I'd like to be doing anything other than the mountain of reading that is lurking far too close for comfort. I've tidied and washed and put off for pretty much as long so I'm really just eeking it out now - I'm really have to start. So I did some crafty stuff instead. And then blogged about it.

In an attempt to procrastinate further, and feeling the need to be just a little bit crafty, I knocked up these books as a gift to myself, my mum and my sister.
I loved the simplicity of this notebook when I stumbled across it a few weeks ago. That and the pop of colour from the bright orange cover and I was sold. However, spending £8 on a notebook seems a little bit steep when you're not earning any money and I'm trying my hardest to be a little more frugal {we're getting there...} so I popped off down to Paperchase with a couple of ideas to hand instead.

These stickers were perfect for the pop of colour - neon pink tiny hearts, what's not to love? They were £1 for something ridiculous like 600 {they'll definitely be making an appearance on some cards!}. The kraft exercise books provided a simple backdrop that made the hearts really stand out and I simply used alphabet stamps that I've had for quite a while to add my own "i love lists" to the front. I really love the finished result! It probably took me less than 10 minutes to make all 3 and I can see them with a range of slogans tailored to the person {for one friend, the expression "sorting my life out" springs instantly to mind}. So for a grand total of £6, I have 3 gorgeous notebooks and roughly 597 neon hearts.

I think they make lovely gifts - handmade without looking naff {ahem}. I can imagine a bundle of all 3 tied up with twine - who doesn't love a new notebook {or is that just me showing how cool I really am?}.

I've decided to start making cards again too. I spent a small fortune panic buying cards the other day - I only needed the one and got sucked in by all the letterpress charm...I did make my own for a while and then simply got lazy about it. Being still time poor but increasingly cash poor as well, friends and family can expect a few more handmade cards around the place. Decorated with hand stamped letters and neon hearts. Lovely.

Love B x

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