Wednesday, 3 April 2013

H&M home...

H&M home

Well played H&M Home. There are at least half a dozen goodies on the website that I would very much like to get my hands on. Those fish plates, in particular, are fab. I love the shower curtain too but is that a step too far when you already own two budgies {literally}. I don't want to step over into crazy bird lady territory. Given that it is all reasonably priced, much akin to their clothing range, I could certainly see me picking up a few bits and pieces. Polka dot grey table cloth anyone?

The jar, I have to point out, isn't from H&M. Instead it's from Matalan's really quite good home range. I could help but notice its distinct similarity to the Anthropologie numbers. That said, I think it's bigger and it is certainly cheaper. Granted, the chalkboard isn't quite as fancily shaped but it is much of a muchness. Think a little visit to Matalan might be in my near future...Same goes for paying for that basket of H&M home goodies that I've got up.



  1. H&M has a home section?! How did I not know this!! My life has now been changed.

  2. I am doing a blog Giveaway if you are interested :)


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