Monday, 24 June 2013

Summer days

Holiday wish list

Ooo, it's been a little bit of a break from blogging - happened a lot this year! Guess that's what happens when you're busy busy! Anyway, looking forwards, we have finally booked our summer holiday and I could not be more excited to get away for a week in the sunshine. These are a few bits and pieces on my wishlist as my summer wardrobe is pretty non-existant {I never feel it's justifiable given the 5 days of sunshine we get in Scotland...}. We'll only have hand luggage so I'll be trying to keep everything interchangeable and well matched to make dressing up or down nice and simple! That said, there is always room for a killer red dress. Plus, how cute are these pjs? No harm in trying to look nice when we sit out on the balcony for breakfast in the morning! The bikini too - probably slightly out of my budget but you can't go wrong with a simple black bikini.

Oh I am so ridiculously excited!


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