Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Eat: Banana Pancakes

With both a holiday and my graduation coming up, my mind is rather vainly on my waistline. If the thoughts of graduation photos weren't acting to spur on me along on the diet front, the idea of slipping into a bikini sure is.

The Aries in me wants to follow in the TOWIE cast's footsteps and declare 'no carbs before Marbs' but what that really means is 'no carbs until Friday night when I convince myself that weekend calories don't count'. Oh well! Instead, I'm trying to make healthier choices as much of the time as possible - the house is packed up with fruit and veg, there are tins of soup in the cupboard and more lean protein in the fridge than you can shake a stick at yet there is one bone of contention. Snacks. S is a mean snacker - whether it's hummus and toast or biscuits - and whilst he seems to never gain a pound, I can't say I've been so lucky. Yet snacking - and particularly, pudding - continues to call my name, especially when we're curled up on the sofa together and S is snacking away.

At this point, you are possibly wondering what on earth a pre-holiday/graduation 'diet' has to do with a giant stack of pancakes. Prepare to be pleased my friends.

Banana pancakes - one of my favourites. Yet these consist of only 2 ingredients - eggs and bananas. There's no flour, no added sugar, nothing. I had googled them earlier today, certain that I had read something about diet-friendly pancakes and this is the website that came up. I mashed up 2 bananas, beat together 3 eggs and gave the two a good whisk and voila. Now, they maybe could've done with a dash of cinnamon {which I didn't have in the house} but when plated up with strawberries and the tiniest drizzle of honey they are divine. Save to say, I devoured this 'example' pancake seconds after I took the photo.

I think S may have a fight on his hands to prise any away from my diet driven hands.

Love B x

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