Thursday, 5 July 2012

Dad's Birthday

Wow. Time has absolutely flown since I last blogged. I have to say, I feel like my feet have barely touched the ground recently. There have been birthdays, graduations and an intense two weeks of teaching cover at work that has only increased my excitement about next year!
The next few weeks will no doubt be a blur too, with weddings, hen do's, more birthday celebrations, work, a holiday...the list goes on! It should be fabulous though and I shouldn't complain for fear that one day, there won't be all these brilliant things{and people} knocking on my door.

My lovely, lovely Dad turned seventy a few weekends ago. Seventy. I can barely comprehend it. This is the man who is running the Great North Run for the umpteenth time this year and who is more active, outgoing and sociable that most of the twenty-somethings I know. We spend a fantastic weekend celebrating in a rented property with our nearest and dearest and it was gorgeous. Vivat Trust, the company who own the property, take old buildings, kit them out in a sympathetic manner and hire them out at a very reasonable rate. Sleeping anything from 2 to over 10 people, there's something for everyone, from busy town villas to quiet sunrooms tucked in amongst a huge forest.

Our home for the weekend was actually plonked straight on top of Calton Hill in the very centre of Edinburgh. What used to originally be an observatory in 1776, has been kitted out to be a gorgeous abode for up to 8 people. 

Everything is just so perfect - from the cosy snug to the ornate sitting room in the old domed observatory. We spent a couple of days eating far too much food {including a box of chocolates the size of a table} drinking too much good wine and spending time with some of my most favourite people. Like I said, I always always love having my favourite people all in the same place.

Celebrations lasted well into the night with a giant cake and my favourite after dinner games that we always, always play.

The celebrations continued the next day with a giant brunch and then some intense football watching. Hiding under the table to not block the view, anyone?

The scenery was just stunning too, what a great vantage point of such a lovely city:

It really was the most fantastic weekend and the perfect location for it. I'd love to spend more time in their properties - they have the most incredible selection! Happy, happy belated birthday Dad. What a wonderful weekend.

Love B

ps. On a different note, today was my last full day in my current job before next year's adventure begins. I'm a bag of mixed emotions right now.

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