Thursday, 20 October 2011

ASOS boots

My boots from ASOS arrived a little while ago now but I've only just got around to blogging about them. Ooops! I've pretty much lived in them since the moment they arrived and I have to say they are incredibly comfortable. I work them to a 12 hour shift to work the other day, most of which was spent on my feet and I was still comfortable at the very end of the day. Absolute miracle seeing as my feet normally start rejecting heels after a few hours. That said, I'm discovering the advantage of a mid height heel for work. I've always been pretty all or nothing when it comes to heels, which probably explains the discomfort!

These two photos probably give the most accurate reflection of the colour. They're a true black suede with a wooden heel. I love the details like the little side tab and stitching. The thick sole on them probably helps on the comfort factor too.

I had ummed and ahhed about buying the tan pair but now they've sold out and I desperately want them. I was out bidded for a pair on Ebay {by a penny - blast!} so I'm keeping my eyes peeled. If anyone knows where I could get my hands on a pair of size 6s or has any other similar boots to share with me, I'd be so grateful!

Anyone else have these boots and love them?

Love B x

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