Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sequins & Prints

So on my way home from work, I had to pop to the shops to buy my friend a birthday present and I may have accidentally gone shopping for myself whilst I was there. I picked up a couple of things from New Look and Accessorize.

 First up, is this. I love this top. The sequins are a really muted bronze/gold colour and it's the perfect top for drinks on a winter evening. It adds just enough glitz to an outfit but still is understated. Love it! It was around £22 too so it's a perfect little addition to my wardrobe. For me personally, New Look can be a bit hit and miss with their clothes but when they get it right they absolutely nail it.

Next up is this silky shift dress with 3/4 length sleeves. This is exactly the kind of dress I normally wear and I love the blue and tan shatter pattern. The tan isn't as orange as it would seem in this picture so the colour combination is really lovely. I love the interesting pattern and the exposed zip at the back. To dress it up a bit I wore it with House of Holland suspender print tights in black on black {rather than black/nude}. Again it was only about £25 which I think is brill for an interesting little party dress.

Last up is this bracelet. I haven't wanted to stop wearing it since I bought it! It's a bit more glam and in your face than I would normally wear but I love how vintage it looks. My friend had on the matching earrings that night and I think I might pick them up come payday too. It's the spot on balance of sparkle set in muted/dark gold that saves it from looking over the top. Instead it adds the perfect amount of sparkle to an outfit. It was around £15 so it was more than I would usually pay but I'm quite select about buying jewellery so I don't mind paying around £10 - £15  for something I know I will love and wear on rotation. Like the horseshoe necklace in the first picture! That was around £8 from Topshop and I live in it!

Not bad considering I was buying a friend a present! Now, to avoid the shops til payday! Though I desperately want to pick up more of those Leigh jeans from Topshop! I had always avoided buying Topshop jeans because I found they give too much and lose their shape and size. These babies are perfect though - just the right amount of stretch and so soft!

Love B x

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