Saturday, 29 October 2011

Autumn Lunches

Straight off the bat, lets apologise for the photo taken on my phone. My camera wasn't playing ball this morning.  Anyway, inspired by this post, I knocked up this lunch today.

I had made the soup earlier in the week, and it really is incredibly simple. First, I chopped up 2 red peppers, and halved about 16 tomatoes and chucked them in a roasting dish. Add a bit of garlic, a generous helping of sea salt and pepper as well as a coating of olive oil, give it a quick shake and you're good to go. I was in the house for the morning so I popped it in the oven on a low heat (around about gas mark 4) for 3 hours as I was doing chores but I've done it before in a hotter oven for less time - just keep an eye on it and shake it around every now and again to prevent it burning.

I wish I'd taken a photo then because the results smelt and looked incredible - I'll definitely be oven roasting more tomatoes and sticking them in Kilner jars as gifts nearer Christmas. I could've eaten the vegetables there and then, but for the purposes of the soup, it's as simple as sticking it in a blender with about a pint and a half of vegetable stock before blitzing. It's delicious enough to eat as is, but if you prefer your soup a bit creamier, I find it works well with the tang of creme fraiche.

The toastie was a combination of blog inspiration and coming across my toastie maker when having a clean up. After buttering the outside of the bread, I layered up a finely slice Braeburn apple and brie inside and let the toastie maker work it's magic. I love the combination of flavours - apple and cheese was always part of my supper as a child - but wish the apple had retained it's crunch. I'm thinking it might be best to toast the bread and cheese under a grill {as if you were making cheese on toast} and adding in the apple at the end as you sandwich the two halves together. I think I'd definitely keep this in mind next time as I think the crunch of the apple would've worked brilliantly.

Regardless, this lunch was delicious. It's far more than the sum of its parts and so simple to boot {noticing a pattern?}.  It struck me as the perfect Autumn lunch, I have to say.

Love B x

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