Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Apple tart

A couple of weekends ago we popped down to Newcastle to see a friend's band play and we stayed with my parents. My sister was there too so it was a full family affair. My favourite!

We stayed for Sunday lunch {hurrah!} and my mum talked me through making my first apple tart. I love her approach to things - so calm and laid back. Whilst I was concerned about making sure everything was equally spread and whether I was doing it right, she just kept reminding me to relax and stop fixating. Don't spend too much time worrying, she told me, and it will all turn out fine. With that motto ringing in my ears, we haphazardly peeled and cored a few apples before slicing them and chucking them in a copper pan with a hearty helping of butter and brown sugar. We let them caramelize over a medium heat before pressing down some pre-made puff pastry over the top and trimming off any excess. After a quick glaze with some beaten egg, we popped it in the oven as we were tucking into our beef and it soon crisped up.

The result was delicious. Served with custard, cream or ice cream, it was a perfect ending to a Sunday lunch. And my mum was right, it turned out absolutely fine with minimal fuss or worry. Maybe it wouldn't cut the mustard on Masterchef, but it was perfect for a lunch with some of my most loved people.

Want to see...


And the finished product...

Love B x

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