Sunday, 11 March 2012


So it's Sunday, and I'm trying not to think of the working week that is looming far too large. It was the most beautiful Spring morning here so we decided to wander into town rather than waste a gorgeous day sitting inside. Lucky we did, as the view seems to have gotten decidedly more grey as I sit curled up with a cup of tea.

It's been one lovely thing after another here. Sandy bought me these earrings in the prettiest shade of turquoise. I love the colour!

We wandered through the Grassmarket which was so quiet and calm {probably a million miles away from how it had been the night before} and took in some of the views. Edinburgh is such a beautiful city and Sandy was laughing at how much we must have looked like tourists but it is far too easy to take it all for granted. Whenever I do actually look up, I'm always stunned by what I see.

Victoria Street in particular is so pretty. I love the various hues that colour the street. It's so unexpected and sweet. The whole street is filled with little independant retailers and it's here we finally picked up our lunch. 

Oink. I've wanted to go here since I passed the building once. They have a giant hog roast in the window everyday and basically serve hot pork sandwiches all day until the pig literally runs out. It's local produce from a farm in the borders and they set up shop having originally ran a ridiculously popular hog roast stand at the Farmer's Market that happens every Saturday {visiting that is next on my to do list, especially if the weather is picking up!}. You pick a sandwich size based on a piglet, oink of grunter sizing chart {our eyes were bigger than our bellies so we picked an oink and a grunter respectively}. You can pick from a variety of toppings too - haggis, sage and onion stuffing, crackling, apple sauce...the list goes on! We both opted for haggis and apple sauce and even though they offer {a limited amount} seating, we opted to take ours to go and headed back home.

It's safe to say we weren't disappointed. The sandwich was absolutely delicious! Tender and full of flavour. I just wished we'd opted for crackling to give it a bit more texture. At least it gives us an excuse to go back....

Needless to say, we may have supplemented our pork sandwiches with dessert. Told you I'd be working of the banoffee pie for days {weeks at this rate}.

Perfect. I hope you too have had a lovely weekend.

Love B x

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