Sunday, 11 March 2012

Weekend Recap

Well, it has simply been the loveliest weekend around here. Exactly what we needed after the longest week {I was ready for it to be over by approximately Tuesday morning? And that's a generous estimate}. 

Friday night was spent in the company of Netflix {new to us and possibly our new favourite thing!} and we knocked up a variation on Gambas pil pil.  Usually consisting of King prawns in hot oil with lashings of chilli and garlic, and served with a generous portion of fresh from the oven baguettes, we made it our own by adding plenty of chopped chorizo. Delicious. It's probably one of my favourite, and easiest meals.

Alongside that, Sandy was determined to make up one of his favourite desserts - banoffee pie. Absolutely lethal decision - I'll be trying to work it off for days - but absolutely worth it. It was delicious. And huge.

We made sure to enjoy all of this cuddled up infront of "the fire". The fairy lights made their home amongst the logs at Christmas and I couldn't bring myself to put them away. I love the cozy glow and it puts a smile on my face when we talking about 'putting the fire on'. It adds such a warm touch to the fire place, and looks so pretty with the candles too.

Saturday was quiet. Domestic. Enjoying little things like the flowers dotted around our home this week. I've been a lucky lady.

Saturday night was spent in the company of plenty of friends, watching this handsome chap play on Edinburgh's Royal Mile. Maybe I'm biased but I can't help but sing his praises {see what I did there!? So witty...}

This is turning into a rather looooooong post, so I think I'll let Sunday bask in the limelight and have its very own post...

Love B x

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