Monday, 21 May 2012

DIY: Chair

When I said I had a pop at upholstery this weekend, I wasn't kidding. My Mum has been taking the class for a while now and had a go at showing me the ropes. It involved hanging out in the stables at home {which my lovely Mum has reclaimed as her own little workshop} and having FAR too much fun with a compressed air tank and a staple gun.

I'll not pretend to do this as a step by step DIY considering I have really very little idea what I'm on about. When I wasn't being talked through it step by step, it was definitely a case of dive in and have a go which I was more than happy to do once I got over my fear of the staple gun. That said, it was a fairly easy project {though I maybe wouldn't look too closely at the finishing!}. 

We picked up the chairs for pennies at a local charity shop and having already sanded them down and refinished them {thanks Mum!} we started with the back panel of material and moved through replacing the stuffing, before covering this with more material and lining up the patterns on both cushions of the seat.

We probably spent a few hours happily stapling {and more often than not, removing said staples from their incorrect spots} and smoothing fabric until we ended up with a pretty lovely chair. One of my favourite details is the studding around the edges, not least of all because it covers all manner of ills.

Can you spot the daft cocker spaniels hairing about? They didn't much help with the accuracy of the stapling! Do you want to see the finished product?

It was a gift for my friend and her boyfriend in their recently purchased {and absolutely lovely} first home. It looked perfectly at home in their living room when we took it round and I am thrilled that she liked it.

Meanwhile, my sister {in between stapling her finger - ouch!} set about making this beauty out of footstool she picked up from a local jumble sale for under a fiver! Isn't it fab?! I'm willing to bet you'd spend a fortune for something like that from the likes of John Lewis or any other large furniture store. I'm seriously impressed {and wanting one of my own!}

What do you think? Does anyone have any recommendations for upholstery classes in Edinburgh {I'd love to try one}. Or perhaps you have a DIY project you want to share?

Love B x

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