Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What is for you won't go by you...

Someone said these wise words to both me and to my boyfriend on separate occasions last week. I can't help but feel that they are wise words to live by. I am as bad as the next person for wanting to control every last detail of my life - wanting the perfect home, the right job...To be on the 'right' path, right now. I worry that I haven't gotten myself totally organised and pulled together yet, even though I am only 24 and I know, logically, that I am finally on the path for that to happen. If it ever really does. I wobbled last week and felt unsteady, unsure of myself and where I am at in my life. How daft! But also how commonplace. I frequently tell myself I need to 'sort my life out'.

I put such a huge pressure on myself to meet this perfect ideal I have in my head and to meet it right now without cutting myself any slack. That means I skip out sometimes on acknowledging just how good it all is right. It is worth reminding myself that what is for me, won't pass me by. That these jobs and homes and opportunities will all be mine at some point in my future. And if an opportunity does pass me by? Then it wasn't really mine or for me in the first instance.

Love B

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