Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday Carbooting

After a fantastic evening with friends, a trip to a local carboot sale on a Sunday morning seemed like a great way to blow out the cobwebs and fight off any hangover that might be looming. I'd never been to this one in Edinburgh, in fact it's been rather a while since I braved a carboot sale {the last experience was rather chilly and rather early in the morning for a weekend, though I was on the other side of the table}.

Armed with a partner in crime, I set off on a wander round what turned out to be a rather large and fruitful carboot sale. I love picking through the bric a brac - trying to pick out the hidden treasures from the junk {of which there was plenty}. I managed to come across a few gems and I could easily have spent hours pouring over the boxes of old postcards and stalls of chinaware.

Want to see what I did pick up?

A small, etched glass bowl that I thought might be perfect for housing cotton wool in my bathroom or holding jewellery that I fling off at night {despite my good intentions}:

A little silver effect shaker that I thought would be perfect for storing icing sugar for baking {which I haven't done in far too long}:

A bag of mixed stamps that I thought would be perfect for some decoupaging. I loved the colours in this bag in particular.

This sweet white milk jug which reminded me of the Jonathon Adler ceramic ware that I luuurve. It maybe is a bit of overkill in terms of the number and size of dots, but I thought it would be sweet for a posy of flowers on a bedside table.

This slightly beat up but awesome vintage Schweppes soda stream. I've seen loads of these floating in various blog posts but I've never found one that has been in my budget in real life. It needs a bit of a polish but I reckon it'll make a great addition to our kitchen.

A couple of vintage postcards - from Paris and Newcastle, both places with plenty of meaning for me. I loved the sweet sentiments on the back and could've spent hours pouring over the hundreds available.

And lastly, I had been keeping my eyes peeled for a set of china tea cups but had so far failed to find any that were up to my {clearly exacting} standards. These beauties are a very pale green with gold detailing. They're really quite tiny, more like an espresso cup, so I thought I might have a pop at making some scented candles as gifts for some of the lovely ladies in my life. The guy sold me the set of 6 for a tenner - absolute bargain! Aren't they pretty?

And finally, because the weather has been quite frankly bizarre today, so cold and wet, I thought I'd share these wonderful photos from a date Sandy and I went on the other night. The weather was cool but lovely and bright, and walking through the blossoms was just too tempting to not photograph. Can't wait to have my phone fixed so I can stop pinching the boy's! You have to agree though, Edinburgh is berluddy lovely. I forget sometimes, what a beautiful city we live in.

Apparently there is a flea market setting up in Leith - now that is exciting!

What do you think of my little haul? Any carboot sale recommendations that are worth a visit?

Love B

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