Friday, 3 August 2012

DIY: EAT sign

I got the creative bug yesterday and decided I wanted to make something to add to the kitchen. I adore this metal sign here but I just can't justify the price tag. I love the punch of colour and the playful feel it has. I think I'm just a big fan of word art full stop, which is something I have to sit on for fear that our home could turn into a walking pinterest cliche.

There is serious inspiration over on Pinterest though. Like these lovelies:

I hadn't realised at first but the last set of letters are done in exactly the same manner as mine! I love how they've been finished to look metallic - definitely an idea for the next time I change them up {I say, less than 24hours after I've made them. So fickle.}

Anyway, instead of spending a fortune I nipped over to Hobbycraft and picked up some of their decoupage letters for £1.99 a pop. I grabbed a small tube of red acrylic paint too that came to about £3. So all in, you're looking at less than a tenner.

It took be about 30 minutes to do a coat of red on all the letters and I found I didn't really need a second, though if you're being particular you could. You could finish them off with a layer of varnish or PVA too but I quite like the matt finish.

What do you think? I love them! Plus, I love the fact they were cheap enough that if I want to change the colour {with paint of decoupage}, it's no big deal!

Love B x

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