Wednesday, 1 August 2012

DIY: Sock Monkey

A dear friend of my sister's is expecting her first baby in the middle of August. They threw her an incredible baby shower {that I wish I could've attended} and there has been constant baby chatter ever since everyone found out. I knew that I wanted to make a small gift for the baby, but seeing as they're choosing not to find out whether it is a girl or a boy, it needed to be neutral. That and I knew I wanted it to have plenty of character and handmade charm.

Cue, the sock monkey.

before he got himself some eyes...
This chap has a seriously endearing face and is lovely and soft. I love him rather a lot. I followed this great tutorial here and whilst it wasn't particularly difficult if you're ok with a sewing machine/needle and thread, it does get quite fiddly in places. There were definitely patches on my monkey where my sewing skills could've used a bit of help! He does make a rather great gift though, I can totally imagine making them for all the 'little monkeys' {see what I did there...} that my friends will no doubt be having in the future.

If you want to up the character of your monkey, use patterned socks. For the baby though, I picked the softest socks I could find in a nice neutral colour. Hopefully it finds itself at home in amongst the, slightly more chic, aspects that will be making up the baby's nursery!


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