Friday, 17 August 2012

I love lamp...

I am little bit obsessed with all things crafty and stationery {something that those of you who know me well can attest to!} Indeed, tucked away on a shelf are more than a couple of boxes filled to the brim with craft stuff, blank cards for printing and stamps. I love them {hence the 'I love lamp' title - I fear I sound similar}. They're the perfect way to personalise notes, stationery, gift bags etc as well as being incredible easy. I've got a couple that come out time and time again - a Paris set and a set of vintage letters - but I often find that the stamps for sale over here are a bit naff to be blunt. A bit Clinton cards esque for my own personal taste.

I've been reading the Besotted Brand blog for quite a while now and it is safe to say I am obsessed with her beautiful line of stamps and notes.

{all available here}

The spoon and fork or the finger would look fantastic on gift tags wrapped around a bottle of wine or used at the dinner table, and the pencil - well, I'll blame that on my wanting to be a teacher. It's appropriate, lets just leave it at that. I love the simplicity of the written stamps too, they would make perfect cards simply on plain white or cream card. Oo, and the picture? I've just thrown that in for kicks but isn't it sweet?

Have a look for yourself - what are your favourite stamps?! Any ideas as to where I can buy decent ones in the UK?

Love B x

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