Saturday, 28 April 2012

Lengthy Birthday Celebrations

Before I start prattling on, it is ridiculously important that I point out the other birthday girl. My lovely Mum. I love that our birthdays are close enough to celebrate together.

I've been waiting to share snippets of my birthday with you until all the festivities were over. I sometimes alwys joke about a 'birthday week' but I really was lucky enough to celebrate over 3 nights with family, friends and a special someone. Talk about being spoilt!!!
My family came up for the day and night so, having treated myself to a massage and a facial in the morning, we kicked off the birthday celebrations with cupcakes and a pot of tea. Fast forward some lovely, thoughtful presents, a glass of wine, and a bottle of fizz later with my cousin and the boy, we were off to start our evening at the Canny Man. I've mentioned this place before, we popped in for a drink on my cousin's birthday, and we were keen to show my boyfriend and my dad it. Filled to the rafters with all manner of paraphernalia (skis as coat hooks, old wine orders, grandfather clocks...) and just oozing charm and quirkiness, the evening was off to a flying start. We ate at a restaurant called Angels with Bagpipes on the mile. I have to be honest, I've been before and loved the food. This time however, though the scallop starter was delicious, the rabbit main course was rather lack lustre. Regardless, it was a great evening. We rounded it off watching Sandy play on the Mile. He had to work so couldn't make dinner but I was so glad he was part of the night. Nothing like being serenaded in a busy pub by your gorgeous, talented boyfriend!!!

{the rest of family Stamp}

The next night was another dinner, just the two of us. We started with cocktails at a little bar called Dragonfly. Another quirky Edinburgh establishment, it's probably one of the nicest in that area of town. We moved quickly on to an understated little place on the Canongate - Wedgewood - and had the most delicious meal. Want to see?

'deciding time' of champagne and amuse bouche whilst you make up your mind. I wish I'd taken a photo - ours were salmon, dill and potato, a beetroot velutte {how do you spell that?!} with truffle oil and something with pulled pork.

Pigeon, haggis neeps and tatties and a lobster thermidor creme brûlée to start...

Followed by crusted mutton with goats cheese dauphinoise potatoes and nettle sauce or wild Scottish deer and venison haggis...

Wrapped up by an incredible cheese board. I am a cheese fiend (to the despair of my waist line) so I loved reading the accompanying explanation of the different cheeses, their origins, textures and flavours.

Nom Nom Nom. I felt a bit of a plum taking sneaky photos on my iPhone but I had to share! It was all delicious and so understated too. None of the pretentiousness that you might expect with food of that standard. I practically had to be rolled home {though I'm sure the bottle of red we split didn't help with that!}
Finally celebrations with friends. Always joyous, there was plenty of food and drink and good company. All the main ingredients for a good night!
The night started off so civilised: Chocolate cake, party hats and moustache straws galore...

And it ended? With me perhaps having a little too much fun..

Yes. That is me hoisting my friend on my shoulders. And that is also me wearing a stranger's scooby doo costume. Oh yes, that's me too diving infront of other people's photos like a complete attention floozy. That's what birthdays are for, right?
What a wonderful, wonderful birthday. I feel like such a lucky girl to have such wonderful nearest and dearest. Without being too schmaltzy, it was the perfect way to turn 24. I can not wait to see what this year has in store!

And on that note. No more birthday chat because I fear, I rapidly became a Birthday bore.

Love B x

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