Sunday, 22 April 2012

Just a thought..

I had the best time belatedly celebrating with some of my favourite people last night. I am incredibly lucky to have such thoughtful, lovely friends. We drank more than we ought to, ate cheese and chocolate fondues and laughed a ridiculous amount. It was, in short, berluddy brilliant. These people are such a varied mix but they all know me so well and are all such brilliant company. Their generousity stunned me last night - they brought unexpected, thoughtful gifts that were so perfectly me. I feel thoroughly spoilt this birthday. I really have been.

I'm not going to be all sentimental but they really are wonderful. Having people like them - aswell as Sandy and my family - around me, really makes incredibly happy and, to repeat myself, a very lucky individual.

{Emma Bridgewater cake tin filled with lovely crafty and baking goodies, anthropologie initial mugs, Sophie Dahl's cookbook, a beautiful key bottle opener and a lovely cake stand}

{the remains of an incredibly delicious chocolate baked for me by Sandy. Cake means a lot to me so this is kind of a big deal}

{and his sweet generosity didn't stop with a's purdy}

{it's a freaking laminator! And it's miiiiiiiine. I am going to have SO much fun with this. When I say my friends know me so well, I wasn't kidding}

{beautiful top from my sister. SO perfectly me}

{pretty dress from ma and pa}

{incredible chiffon snake print trousers from my Aunty. These are stunning}

{b-e-a-utiful suede jacket from mum and dad}

Lucky. Lucky. Lucky.

Love B x

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