Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A recipe

Right now, I'm going to be brutually honest. I'm carrying about 10lbs more than I care to. The same 10lbs that my weight goes up and down by. And it's annoying me. I don't feel as confident in my clothes {or out of them for that matter} as I should. With that in mind, I'm going to crack on with embracing eating more healthily and exercising regularly. Both of these things I tend to do for a period of time and then it ebbs away again. I'd like to introduce it into our lives on a more stable, regular basis. I'm a big fan of new starts - whether it is the beginning of the week, a new year, a new academic year - and so turning 24 seems to be a good place to start. To kick start that, I made this for dinner on Monday. Meals in this house need to cater for me and my boyfriend - aka they need some kind of carb or meat or ideally both. I've taken to plating up smaller portions on smaller plates for me, and holding back a bit on the carbs {though a carb free diet, for me, is literally that - a 'diet' for a very short space of time when a kick up the bum is needed. Like before a holiday!}.

Anyway, this take on tandoori chicken is delicious and really low fat. You could leave out some of the elements - like the mango chutney - but you need to have a little fun sometimes.

I mixed tandoori spice with quark {a fat free soft cheese that you can get in the supermarket} and added chopped chicken breast with any fat removed. I mixed it all together and left it to marinade in the fridge for a couple of hours. After that, wipe off most of the excess marinade and stick them under the grill on a medium heat. I turned my grill tray round a couple of times, and the flipped the chicken to make sure nothing burned in the 20 or so minutes they were in there. I served with some healthy choice naans that I bought and whacked in the oven, a bit of a mango chutney, some iceberg lettuce and a mint yoghurt sauce that I made by mixing shop bought mint sauce with low fat or fat free natural yoghurt.

Super easy and super delicious. I promise.

Love B x

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