Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Low fat Banana & Blueberry Muffins

I baked these on our lazy Sunday afternoon in {remember that 'diet' I talked about, well it'll start this week...honest...}.  I had a bunch of bananas that are definitely on their way out and because I hate wasting food, I figured I'd know up a batch of banana bread. Then I rationalised that I'd probably eat a sizeable amount of the loaf single handedly and found myself googling 'low fat banana muffins'.  This recipe substitutes butter for oil, uses only egg whites, has less sugar than your standard muffin/cake mix and has oats {and they're always healthy right?} so I figured they aren't too anti diet.

I had to alter the original recipe somewhat - I didn't have nearly enough oats or blueberries, so mine look less delicious than the original counterparts but I can honestly tell you that they are scrumptious.  Perfect with a cup of tea on a quiet Sunday afternoon. If When I make these again, and I can assure you I will, I'll definitely try and use the right amount of ingredients. I imagine that the extra oats would give the muffins a lovely texture. As it is, using soft brown sugar makes them sweet, without being overly so and you would never tell that the mixture goes easy on fat.

I've still got a few more bananas left to use up so I'm excited to try out this recipe from The Kitchen.


Love B x

Sorry for the poor quality photos - it was already getting dark when I took photos at 6.30pm!

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