Thursday, 8 September 2011

Working twice as hard...

Sorry for the radio silence - I had a week off last week and it didn't really instill me with productive vibes in between eating, seeing festival shows and enjoying days out.  Equally, this week I can honestly say I started my new full time job that will keep me busy for the next year - and if this week is anything to go by I am going to be super busy. This is the first time all week I've really sat down and had time to read, let alone write, any blog posts. I'll try not to be sporadic in my posts but I don't think they'll be as frequent as they have been to date, though hopefully I can write a bunch over the weekend {there is so much I want to write about!}. I can't really complain though - I'm so excited at the prospects of my new job.

One of my oldest, loveliest friends sent me a card that simply said "a new job means new accessories" and I couldn't agree more - I was so excited at the prospect of buying work wear! The environment I'm working in, whilst not corporate, isn't one in which I'd be comfortable pushing fashion boundaries. I'm a big fan of classic silhouettes and ensembles {in case that isn't apparent in my post on fashion to date} so I don't exactly feel hard done by. Plus, all the more reason to dress up at weekends. With that in mind, I pulled together a couple of inspiration boards - one for work, one for the weekend - both featuring a beautiful trench from Reiss that I am lusting after and some pieces that can do double duty for work or play depending on how you dress them up.  And I can't lie, I took a teensy tiny bit of inspiration from this image too.


Granted, not the most interesting outfits I have ever put together but to be totally honest, this week I've already worn a pencil skirt & an a cream top, and this weekend I will probably throw on a chiffon top, skinny jeans and heels. So whilst it isn't all that original, it is true to life - give me that at least!

What will you be wearing this weekend? And what are your work staples? I'm currently trying to establish mine {in case you can't tell!}.

Love B x

I've realised as well I haven't told you where any of these pieces are from - it's a mix of Topshop, Zara, Reiss & H&M. I'll add that in when I'm a tiny bit less shattered...

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  1. Absolutely adore these outfits, especially the off-duty look. Dark skinny jeans and a trench coat are the epitome of casual chic. Love! xo


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