Wednesday, 15 February 2012


It's been over a week since I got some brilliant news and last Thursday was my chance to celebrate with some of my lovely family. Not only do I feel so lucky to know I'm going back to university and I'll actually get to train as a primary teacher {!!!} but I feel so lucky that I have family that lives here in Edinburgh as well as not too far south of the border and seeing a bunch of them all together is just brilliant.

We started off in this great little pub in Edinburgh, The Canny Man, where I surreptitiously had to take these shots on my camera for fear of being spotted by the man in the suit behind the bar {who oh so kindly brought our drinks and nibbles to the table}. I've just realised, having seen them looming large, how blurred that photography was.  Oops! I love the eclecticism of the place - from the array of clocks and knick knacks on the wall to the sheet music plastered all over the ceiling.

A sneaky glass of wine later and we headed over to a fab little italian - Caffe y Cuchina - further down the road. I wish I'd snapped more photos but the food was delicious and I completely forgot in my rush to try it all. Deli meats and the most delicious rosemary foccacia to start followed by a seafood and chorizo tagliatalle and slices of delicious carrot cake to round it off. Nom nom nom. I had such a great time with my Mum, Sister, Aunty and cousin - it's always so nice to have a catch up. Now if only I could have all my favourite people in one place, all of the time, that would be ace. A little bit of bending of time and space would fix that no bother.

{so pretty}

Love you all


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