Monday, 13 February 2012

Weekend Away

Things are going to get a little bit picture heavy around here! The Mr and I have just come back from our first break alone in about two years and, with an up and coming ski trip to France with some friends, we took it as a chance for me to learn to ski and for him to brush up on some skills.

We started off our awesome little mini break with some great food and drinks at a little restaurant in Edinburgh called Bia Bistrot. Amazing food at totally reasonable prices - we tried roast bone barrow, pork belly, fish pie and deer liver between the two of us. Washed down with a great bottle of red it was a gorgeous start to the weekend. {The quote is from the menu at a different bar where we grabbed a sneaky drink first}.

Our weekend of skiing in the highlands - with our crash course of lessons starting at 10am on Saturday did mean we were up at 5 the next day - 

But it was totally worth it. Sore shins and several falls on my arse aside, it was such a laugh and so great to spend quality time together {groan. but true}. We had lessons with a great company and the ski instructor {who was with us for the full 6 hours over 2 days} was so great - especially when I was trying to explain that my body simply did not want me to turn down the hill at any speed {such a wimp}.

We stayed at a lovely little hotel called The Kirkmichael Hotel where the owners, Chris and Danny, could not have been lovelier. Especially when we rocked up late to dinner on Sunday after a faff with a slow puncture. The price was totally astounding considering the quality of the food and the room we stayed in and it made the weekend so perfect to have somewhere nice to flop down at night {I was determined we were going to stay somewhere at least as lovely as our own home if we were going to pay!}. Cozy dinners in the snug and glasses of wine in front of the fire were exactly what I was after from a romantic mini break.

And the views? Oh to be out of the, albeit lovely, city. It's breathtaking up there.

Home after a glorious couple of day, I could genuinely not be happier. I had the best weekend, with my favourite company.

Awesome. Oh, and now I can kind of ski! Bonus!

Love you

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  1. Sounds like a great trip and you guys look so cute together! Food look so yummy... xo akiko

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