Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Morroccan Oil

One bandwagon I am late to join is trying out Moroccan Oil. I simply couldn't get my head around spending that much money on such a teeny tiny bottle of product. I finally caved after getting 20% off HQ Hair in an email and thought that it would be an ideal time to trial run a small bottle of this supposed wonder product. Even then, I had thought it berluddy well better be a miracle maker for over £10 for an Alice in Wonderland sized potion of liquid.

Now, I don't struggle with dry hair but my hair is quite fine and can sometimes be a little bit tear away {especially when I rush to dry my hair in the mornings an end up just sticking my head upside down. Oops} and I thought it might help with that a smidge. And to be honest, having been using it a few days I don't know why I waited so long. I upturned the bottle onto my palm a couple of times and that tiny amount was more than enough. Good thing too as otherwise the teeny bottle I bought would only last 5minutes! It smells wonderful and left my hair silky and smooth with no fly away strands. I only used the product on the ends of my hair because I was concerned that a combination of fine hair + Edinburgh's water + product would leave me needing to wash my hair 5 minutes later. Does anyone use it on their roots?!

I have tried it on both wet and damp hair. In an effort to conserve said teeny tiny bottle I think I will stick to using it when my hair is damp but the effects are great either way - I guess the real difference is whether you use the product to prevent any issues or to remedy them after you've styled your do. I keep stroking my hair like some loon - it's so smooth! {anyone else do that?! No? Just me!?}

Have you used it before? Does you have any hair holy grails that you recommend?!

Love B

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