Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Another bandwagon I'm maybe a bit late to is Shellac. I've had bio sculpture gel on my nails plenty of time before and although the two concepts are similar, I was recently tempted by Shellac's wide range of colours {including the dark greys that I find so appealing!}.

I had a voucher for a local beauty salon so had a full manicure done with Shellac to finish it off. I picked for a gorgeous Chanel Rouge Noir esque colour that I figured I can top up wih nail varnish if regrowth gets too bad before I get them stripped and redone.

My hands work pretty hard - I'm pretty rubbish at wearing gloves and I use my hands and nails all day long without much thought for them. They're also rather short as I'm awful for fiddling with my nails when I'm stressed or they snap. Infact, probably the only speck of Kindness I show my hands is a daily application of hand cream, without which they are bone dry.

Over a week in and the regrowth isn't too bad {though my nails have definitely grown} and my nails are still immaculate. Their prettiness has put me off fiddling and I keep glimpsing at my hands in admiration of their loveliness {stroking my hair...looking at my hands...I must look crackers}. I already own a UV lamp so I'm tempted to purchase a colour or two and a top/base coat and do my own {my gel supplies are running low}. I definitely think its worth watching it done properly at least once though! I love them.

Any tips on DIY shellac? I've been scouring blogs about it!

Love B x

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