Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Wheat, Gluten & Dairy free Chocolate Brownies

I made these chocolate brownies at the weekend to take into the staffroom on Monday morning. I have a few colleagues who can't/don't eat gluten or dairy products and considering these were meant to be my way of saying a little thank you to those that have helped me prepare for my PGDE or even just given me advice, I didn't want to skip over anyone in particular. When I found these in Sainsburys, they seemed just the ticket.

Their website says they want to get past the idea that 'healthy' foods lack flavour or quality and that they want to produce delicious gourmet free-from foods. I have to say, I'm suitably impressed. I followed the instructions, using soya spread and water instead of dairy products and the brownies turned out well. Perhaps not as gooey as 'normal' brownies but that is just as likely to be my haphazard oven climate as it is the product itself. Taste wise, they were certainly delicious and I had to quickly box them up before I scoffed the lot {so. little. willpower}.

The company do a whole variety of products, and for £1.99 {I think?! I don't remember!} this brownie mix was certainly worth it when baking with gluten or wheat intolerant friends in mind! I would definitely buy it again! I'm convincing myself that they are surely better for me than my normal brownies - they're certainly full of more wholesome ingredients.

Tasty eh?


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