Friday, 13 January 2012

Anthropologie Earrings

I am head over heels for these earrings from Anthropologie. I've had my eye on them since before Christmas {when I had planned on buying them as a gift for a friend!} and when the grey ones went out of stock I was really disappointed - a sign that I probably should've bought them when I had the chance {much like the lesson I supposedly learnt from the Anthropologie champagne glasses - that I eventually got my hands on! - or the ASOS boots}. As it is, they're both back in stock, but with both retailing at just shy of £30 I can't really justify one let alone both of them in this month after Christmas. Hopefully they'll still be around in a few weeks and maybe, just maybe, I'll 'force' myself to buy them. The grey ones, in particular, are stunning in real life - I think they're my favourite by a whisker - they're a lot smokier in real life, but I equally love how delicate the hoops are.

Love B x

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