Monday, 23 January 2012

Lets get physical...

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Excuse the awful pun for a title but, like many of you I'm sure, January was meant to be the time for me to kick my ass into shape and get moving again. Now, I've been for the odd run and played a bit of badminton but quite frankly, I've done nowhere near as much exercise as I should have. I blame this entirely on the fact I'm a fair weather runner and the weather in Edinburgh right now is far far FAR too cold to tempt me away from the warmth of the indoors. I reckon, I need to find an active sport/exercise that I love, is maybe indoors and is one that will make me forget I'm playing sport {badminton might just be this...}. Until then, I can at least plan how I could look really attractive when I'm out going for a run. Ahem. Though, in reality, this is probably more accurate.

Do you have an exercise that you love?

Love B

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