Thursday, 5 January 2012

DIY: Snood

A lot of my December {and November, come to think of it} was spent handmaking Christmas presents. I've been itching to share them all since I started but obviously couldn't before the big day! Now though....

This little project started off life as a Christmas present for my sister and descended into making snoods for rather a lot of the lovely ladies in my life! Whilst it took a reasonable chunk of time to make 6 snoods, it was totally worth the effort and the outcome is lovely. I found myself passing any free time I had with knitting needles in hand and it was great to have something to focus on outside of work.

These chunky snoods are particularly satisfying - using large needles and chunky wool they come together really quickly. I found that I often didn't need more than 1 - 2 balls of wool per snood either (though the large grey snood used 3) and considering you can pick wool up for a reasonable price on Amazon, for presents on a budget they're lovely.

I simply cast on 30 stitches {remember the video I uploaded} using extra chunky wool and size 10 knitting needles {though the wool you use will dictate the thickness of the needle normally}. Being careful to not drop any stitches {and fiddling about to 'repair' the ones I did} I simply knitted until I reached near the end of the ball and to the end of the line {top prevent any knots in the middle!}.

Casting off at the end, I used any remaining wool to tie the two ends together, though I could have used a similar coloured thread to stitch them instead. I made most of mine quite snug - they need to be large enough to go over someone's head and not choke them but I quite liked that they are fairly unobtrusive and could be worn all day without getting in the way!

I folded mine and wrapped them up with Christmas ribbon for a bit of festive flare. I love them and most certainly will be embarking on making one for myself!

Love B x

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