Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Brass Animals

I have two glittery reindeers that make an appearance every Christmas and I love 'em.  Needless to say I hate putting them away once the 12 days after Christmas have passed. This year though, they've been replaced and I am in love.

Meet the brass giraffe candlestick holder that is currently residing on our TV. He was about £5 in the Anthropologie sale, though I'd loved him when he was nearer £30 {I just couldn't bring myself to pay that}.

I know it's rather random but he fits in rather well with the slightly ecclectic decor in our flat. I like to think it's tasteful but with character - in keeping with our gorgeous cornicing, high ceilings and ridiculously bold colours thanks to our landlord. I might be verbose when it comes to thinking about fashion but I know exactly how I want to merge my personal interior style with my boyfriend's and how I want our home to look and I love that our styles seem to mix so well together. And that he humours me when I do think like bring home a brass giraffe...

Reader. It must be love.

Love B x

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