Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Did everyone have a lovely Jubilee weekend? Thank you monarchy for a doubley long Bank Holiday. The fact it was matched up to our half term too was perfect - it's been lovely hanging out with people for that little bit extra time. Just a shame all weekends can't be 3 or 4 days ;)

Anyway, we 'celebrated' in a way that a little unconventional {/not much of a celebration at all}. Along with two of our close friends we set about climbing Ben Nevis! We drove along from Edinburgh - a good 3 hours drive - and the views were breathtaking. No instagram needed. It was beautiful. Driving through mountains that can only be described as awesome {in the original use of the word} I reminded myself of how stunning the scenery in Scotland is.

For those of you not in the know {aka me and Lisa. Who had to ask various questions over the two days we camped} it's the tallest mountain in the UK, checking in at a casual 4,409ft above sea level. Being neither mountaineers nor nutters, we took the well trodden pony route up alongside dozens of others who had all had the same idea on what was a lovely sunny bank holiday weekend. Plodding along as I was, trying to keep one foot in front of the other, it was still lovely to pause occasionally and take in the incredible views. It was like looking at something from Middle Earth {sneaky LOTR reference...}

We couldn't believe how under prepared some people were - wandering up in converse and leggings with seemingly little protection against the elements. Did seem much of a big deal until we rounded one corner and were faced with the first, of many, huge patches of snow. Proper, thick snow. In June. Shows how cold it was up there. Great fun though!

When we did make it to the top - sub 3 hours {whoop} - it was nothing short of berluddy freezing. We snapped a few cheeky photos before grabbing some lunch and heading back down the mountain before my face and fingers fell off. 

We had such a great time camping too. It's a good feeling to know that we've achieved something and really made the most of our time off together - though it is only 5pm and I feel like I could go to bed as I write this! Hanging out with great friends, drinking plenty of good red wine {as a reward of course} and climbing a bloody big hill. Pretty good way to spend the jubilee weekend I reckon!

The question is, what do we do next?

Love B

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  1. Lovely indeed! I suggest heading to the tallest in England, camping in Nether Wasdale,Church style campsite was lovely.


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