Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Home TLC

Last week was half term and I was determined to make the most of a week off. On any given day I have a list as long as my arm of tasks that need doing - from the mundane to the aspirational. Painting the flat was definitely under the title of aspirational. Our landlord {or the previous tenant} was a great fan of bold, primary colours - something which I just can't get on board with as the background for a room. I can deal with it in our living room and kitchen, where the bright red and green have grown on me, but other areas of our home needed a bit of TLC.


Our affectionately labelled 'rumpus room' was one such spot. Totally neglected, it was a dumping ground for anything not needed immediately or without a proper home. Someone had done half a paint job on it many moons ago and we hadn't touched it since we moved in. It was filled with a hodge podge of furniture and knick knacks and so, on a particularly grey afternoon, I set about trying to make it a bit more functional and easy on the eye.

I used crown's fashion for walls paint in 'etiquette'. Naff name, nice colour. It's a blue grey that we finally managed to compromise on. Genuinely, I was concerned WW3 was going to erupt over paint the night before. Everything I picked was apparantly 'greige' or 'mouldy hummus'. Go figure! Anyway, considering I was painting over bright red, it unsurprisingly needed two coats but after that the coverage was brill. I was too lazy focused to prep the walls so had noone to blame but myself. It's a small room, a box room really, with no natural light other than that which comes through the two doors to the room, so apart from embracing it's cave like qualities and painting it navy blue, the only way to lighten it was to go with a light colour. This one is perfect - it definitely takes on a greyish quality which means it doesn't have the sickly sweet nature of a baby blue. Perfect!

Cue much shuffling of furniture and the final result is pretty lovely, in my humble opinion. Granted it is still a storage room first and foremost - the bikes now live in there for example - but it opened up other space in the flat for us to play around with, which was brilliant, and it is also finally pleasant enough that I could sit in there and craft if I wanted too. Poifect.

I spent any drying time finally planting our window boxes {til now, the plants have just been in their pots, oops!} A mix of lavender, basil, mint and rosemary makes for a delicious smelling, attractive and dare I say practical English country garden right on our window sill. Certainly makes for a nicer view anyway. Next up, just need to make that cushion for the seat!


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  1. Hey Bridget. Fabulous post. Totally following now. Can't wait to read more. If you get a second, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest wedding post and guest blog for Lauren Conrad. xo



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