Sunday, 10 June 2012

Eat: Wild Mushroom Lasagne

We had some friends round for dinner last night and having been completely stumped about what to make, we stumbled across this recipe. We had originally been thinking light and summery, though this recipe {and the weather} turned out to be neither.

It is chock-a-block with cream and cheese but was utterly delicious. It was incredibly rich though so I would probably make one or two adjustments if I made it again. Firstly, oil and butter to start? I ignored that straight away - not necessary in my book. I'd probably substitute cream for creme fraiche - I think the tang of the creme fraiche would actually be a welcome balance to the strong mushroom flavour whereas the cream and cheese was a bit ott.

I used a mix of Taleggio cheese and gouda because a) Taleggio was really expensive in our local supermarket and b) I thought it might be yet another strong flavour. I thought it was delicious but if you aren't a fan of strong cheeses there would be no harm in just using a mild, melty cheese {like emmental or gouda for example} just for texture alone.

Finally, I used normal mushrooms and a bag of dried mushrooms that I soaked for extra flavour. Delicious if you love mushrooms but if not, stick to just run of the mill button cups and you'll get enough flavour without it being overwhelmingly strong. The sauce cooks for long enough that it can't help but develop flavour as it reduces so there is no concern about it not being tasty.

We served it as small portions with a rocket side salad and red onion garlic bread. The side salad in particular {with tomatoes, cucumber and balsamic vinegar and oil dressing} was a great shout as it balanced out the richness of the lasagne well, cutting through the rich cheese and cream sauce.

It was a lovely evening - with good company, good food and good wine. As with all our get togethers, I love cooking and everyone else chips in something else, whether it was wine, cheese or pudding. My lovely friend made a delicious chocolate mousse with a raspberry sauce which I will share with you later next week.

The rest of today will be spent moving very little {I'm still full!} and getting myself ready for going back to school. The last 4 weeks start tomorrow and I'm sure they'll fly by in a whirlwind of reports and lesson plans.

What did you do this weekend?

Love Bx

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