Saturday, 2 June 2012



I had hoped to still be in a blissful state of snoozing at this time on Saturday morning but seeing as my brain refuses to switch off, I may as well blog. It is finally half term - hurrah - and I'm looking forward to a week of relaxation {and doing all the jobs that I never seem to have the time for otherwise!}. Before the little jobs take over, however, it's jubilee weekend! 

I love any excuse to make a cake and celebrate so the Jubilee weekend is right up my street. Plus I think the Queen is quite sweet really. In fact, if the K Mid thing didn't give it away, I quite like the royals. There is something so quintessentially British about it all. I refuse to be drawn into debates about "the spending of tax payers money yada yada yada" and instead I'd rather focus on some other, lovely, quintessentially British things. Like Victoria sponge cake and afternoon tea. Or Rounders {which I have now spent more hours of my life on than I can count}.

We're off to catch up with Sandy's family and some friends. Can't wait. Fingers crossed for some nice weather so the tea and cake can be enjoyed outdoors!

Love B x


  1. Hope the weather was nice. Happy celebrating!

    1. Thanks! Just had a peek at your blog - it's lovely. There are some beautiful photos on it. Thank you for taking the time to comment


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