Thursday, 7 June 2012

Lemon drizzle cupcakes

Lemon drizzle cake is huuuuugely popular in our house. Sandy is mad keen on it and any cake that I can pass off as one of my five a day {no comments, please} wins in my book. I hadn't baked in ages so whipped up a batch of these alongside a large loaf cake to take into the staff room. I doubled the quantities in this recipe here and made around 17 cupcakes and a large-ish loaf cake, so you should easily get 12 muffin sized portions out of this.

The cakes are lovely - they have just the perfect lemony kick to them from the drizzle on the top, though I would probably add more zest into the mix next time. Although not exactly following the recipe, I mixed mine all in one {as in all the ingredients in my mixer at once} and simply added a teaspoon of baking powder to them. They were still incredibly light and airy {Rather than heavy and stodgy like cake can be} so I would ignore the mixing stages, do it all at once and just keep them on low in the oven. Watch them like a hawk! I took the chance to finally use my new Emma Bridgewater cake tin too. Lovely jubbly.

Nom nom nom.

Love B


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  2. Thank you for commenting :) x


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