Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cupcakes galore

A few weeks ago, my mum, sister and I took part in our local village fair by setting up and running our own cupcake stand.  "B's Buns" as we call it, is a long running joke in our family but we genuinely do enjoy baking and, I must admit, most of the time we aren't too shabby at it!

This was the second time we'd taken part in the fair, and we spent the bulk of the 24hours beforehand baking and icing 600 cupcakes. I can promise you, it's a bit tiring! Worth it though - we had a great day, made a bit of cash and I got to hang out with two of my favourite people doing something we love! Want to see?


I didn't seem to take a photo of the miniature sponge cakes we did, which is a shame. My absolute favourites were the the strawberry cheesecakes. I must admit, we taste tested everything as we went along: by the end of our baking marathon we could barely face the thought of eating another sweet thing - tasting the buttercream icing was hellish!

My absolute favourites are these beauties. I'd iced cakes as roses before but it was my sister's idea to put them into bunches.  I have to say, I think they're absolutely beautiful - too good to eat almost! I think she came across the idea but couldn't tell you where for the life of me.

They looked so pretty!

Love B x

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