Sunday, 3 July 2011

HD Brows

Something I have yet to explore on my blog is beauty products and treatments. So let me start this by saying I have 100% inherited my Dad's eyebrows.  Now he is a handsome chap, but it is safe to say {sorry Dad} that his eyebrows can be somewhat unruly. And on me, well let's just say they require maintenance. Often. Naturally, I have quite a strong, dark brow and whilst I have avoided the usual teenage pitfall of plucking them into oblivion, I have managed to end up on several occasions, with my eyebrows looking completely different to the image in my head.  Whilst I'm not after the seriously strong brow that comes and goes out of fashion, I do like my brows to look a lot more angular and sleek rather than somewhat tadpole-y {you know, when they tend to curve?}. As it stands, if left to their own devices my eyebrows are long, dark and unruly. Lovely.

On many successful occasions I've simply had them waxed - though there was one unfortunate incident when the waxer {the salon} and the waxee {me} had somewhat crossed wires and I ended up with what I labelled as 'wonkety eyebrows' {a difference that apparently was imperceiveable to all but me it seemed. None the less!}.  So it was with some trepidation that I booked into have an HD Brow treatment done at Zen Lifestyle on Bruntsfield Place.  Having used them on a regular basis for other essentials, I was confident they'd do a good job {/berluddy hoped so - it is 3 days before my graduation}.  Plus, having done my snooping, with regards to properly trained salons and technicians, I failed to find a bad review. It was far more expensive than I would pay for an eyebrow wax {prohibitively so when you are floating somewhere between university and employment} but as a one off, I was intrigued to see if this 7 step process could give me the chic, 'celebrity' brows it claimed. 

Want to see the before and after?



I so wish I had remembered to take a photo yesterday when I had just had them done but 24 hours later though and they still look a million times better.  The {photobooth} photo doesn't do them justice.  I could use a touch up with an eyebrow pencil but that is just personal preference.  

She recommended another couple of sessions to get the shape perfect but I think I might just return to waxing on a more regular basis to keep them in this shape.  I have to say, if I could afford to do so I would definitely keep having this done. I love how my eyebrows have turned out. They're perfectly chic and I love how they really do frame my face. The girl who did my brows was simply lovely - when I asked her after my first 'reveal' to perhaps thin them out a bit further so my brow wasn't so strong she was more than happy to remove the pencil and take away another line of hair from underneath. The process wasn't painful at all {even for a wimp like me who hates threading with a passion}. It was lovely to wake up this more {a little the worse for wear after our graduation ball} and still feel reasonably pulled together.  What a difference!

Love 'em! I certainly feel a lot more polished - even with minimal make up on.  Definitely the look I was after so I am thrilled with the results and would recommend it to anyone.

Love B x

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