Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fourteen Days of Food: Day 11

Two foodie posts this week! I had planned on saving this for next Tuesday {in keeping with the pattern that has developed in these posts} but these were too tasty not to share. So, Day 11 comes in the shape of these delicious stuffed Romano peppers. I had only come across giant couscous in various pre-packed guises and I knew I wanted to cook with it on my own terms. Obviously when I finally stumbled across a box, I grabbed it up with both hands. This recipe is delicious and summery - we ate it as a side dish to pork chops - and is at once filling without being heavy. As usual, I can't give you exact measurements but the ingredients are as follows:

{enough for 2 portions}
2 romano peppers
olive oil
100g {roughly} giant couscous {I finally found some at Waitrose}
Mint {remember the fresh, frozen, pre-chopped packet from Waitrose?}
Chilli {I used the 'very lazy' kind}
Sea Salt & pepper to taste

I halved and deseeded the peppers before drizzling them with a little bit of olive oil and popping in the over to roast whilst I made the couscous according to the instructions on the packet. Put simply, I fried the couscous in a dash of olive oil until golden brown then added 200ml of cold water and stirred until it was all absorbed. Keep adding water until the couscous is soft. Once the couscous was cooked, I took the saucepan of the heat, stirred through plenty of chopped Feta {I really like Feta so I might've gone a bit over the top}, a good sprinkling of the frozen mint and a couple of teaspoons of the chilli. It gave it a pretty decent kick {by my wimpy standards} so go easy on that last step if you aren't a fan of hot dishes.
To finish, I simply spooned the mixture into the pepper halves {which had probably roasted for 20 minutes or so} before serving.


Love B x

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