Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fourteen Days of Food: Day 10

This is the last of the recipes from Delicious. I made the other two midweek suppers but to be honest, they were a fancy steak sandwich and a prawn pasta dish, neither of which I felt I needed to share. This was a different kettle of fish though. I've never cooked with Halloumi before - though I don't know why 'cause I think it's pretty delish. Anyway, aside from needing to stock up on the key ingredients {Halloumi and sesame seeds} this recipe was again, really straight forward. Quick yet vaguely impressive, it worked well for a mid week dinner {I'm rapidly acclimatising to working 8 - 6 again, and it feels good}.

Once again, for simplicities sake, the magazine suggested prepacked roast vegetables but to be honest, I don't really think it adds all that much prep time to chop a courgette, an onion and some peppers. I do feel I should let you in on a secret though. I always add half a packet of Mediterranean vegetable seasoning to my roast vegetables. I love the flavour, and frankly they taste better {to me}.  Makes a delicious, quick dinner even simpler.

The result is bright, colourful and perfect for a summery meal. The halloumi adds enough 'bulk' to the meal that I got away without needing to add any meat - a rare occurrence in our home. Well. I ought to clarify that. It left me feeling like I didn't need to add any meat. My boyfriend? For all there was a nearly empty plate, he kept reiterating that it was "more like a side dish".  In a nutshell, I think I can safely assume he's a carnivore: unless there is meat {or it's welcome replacement, carbs} it isn't really a meal. To each their own. I, for one, loved it. AND I was stuffed.

Ignore the ugly-ass plates. I need to buy some crockery that is not the stuff provided in our rented flat.

If anything, following these recipes has made me think a little more about the details of a meal and how much of a difference they make to even simple, mid week suppers. Paying attention to stuff like that has made me feel like I wasn't just chucking food on a plate for the sake of eating quickly, rather that I was taking the same care I would if I was making a 'nice' dinner. 

Love B x

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  1. Looks so delicious! Love your blog and I'm your new follower.. It'd be great if you visit mine too when you have time :)



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